We offer Wood, Gas, and Electric fireplaces.  

Wood Fireplaces

Wood Fireplaces

Introduce an element of traditional elegance while warming your home with controllable heat with a luxury wood burning fireplace. We offer models that utilize modern innovations to optimize heat output, while providing you with options that fit any personality or design preference.

Our full range of fireplaces ensures that you can find a model that will work perfectly with your home décor. A classic design ensures that your wood fireplace will become the centerpiece of any room. Install them in any room with a chimney for a beautiful and functional addition. Reduce your dependency on gas or electric energy, with the peace of mind that you will have a source of heat, warmth and comfort even during a power outage in the dead of winter. We carry fireplaces, Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia homeowners trust to warm their homes safely.

Regency Wood Burning Fireplace 

Carefully designed by engineers to optimize heat output, each Regency wood fireplace is also certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to meet their strict clean air standards. These models produce minimal ash and smoke due to a uniquely-designed firebox that allows for superior airflow, ensuring that wood is burned completely and cleanly. Regency models come in a variety of designs that look great in any home.

Large Wood Burning Fireplace – CF780

Add natural elegance to any room with Regency’s largest portrait style wood fireplace. Designed to showcase the dynamic ambiance of a wood burning fire, the Regency Alterra CF780 is a magnificent and captivating focal point.


CF780 Wood Burning Fireplace Key Features:
  • Easy to use: no air adjustment needed – load it and leave it!
  • Over 700 sq. inches of fire viewing area
  • Customize the look by choosing from contemporary or traditional brick panels
  • Clean edge finish puts the focus directly on the fire
  • Guillotine style door slides into the chase
  • Integrated safety screen can be pulled down when required, or discreetly hidden out of sight
  • Stylish removable wooden door tool with strap
  • Heavy gauge steel log retainers
  • Designed to fit perfectly on any wall, including corners
  • Door has been designed for cleaning and complete serviceability
  • Outside air and flue damper can be closed when not in use, preventing cold air from coming into your home
  • Approved to use with gas logs
  • Top vent with standard 8 inch pipe
Modern Wood Burning Fireplace – Ri50

Thoughtfully designed in Sweden to help you enjoy life, the Contura Ri50 wood burning fireplace embodies over 50 years of design excellence. Finally, modern Scandinavian style is now available across North America!

Clean, elegant lines and three generously sized glass viewing windows make the Contura Ri50 a modern statement piece. Able to accommodate top or rear venting, the freestanding design makes it easy to add dynamic wood fire ambience to any room. The Contura Ri50 makes starting and maintaining a wood burning fire simple. Use the optional, easy to position steel side box as a contemporary seat and stylish storage solution.


Ri50 Wood Burning Fireplaces Key Features:
  • Available in Black or White
  • Easy to use – load it and leave it!
  • Over 500 of fire viewing area from three sides
  • 3-sided guillotine style door maximizes design impact
  • Side doors swing open for easy cleaning & full firebox access
  • Designed to integrate seamlessly into any room
  • Thermotte® firebox lining has excellent insulating properties to
    store & radiate heat
  • Integrated removable ash pan makes clean up quick & easy
  • Keep your hands clean by using the included wood gloves during loading
  • Top or rear vent for flexible installation
Ventis Wood Fireplaces

The Ventis™ HE200 wood burning fireplace is a classic beauty that transforms any room into a comforting, warm gathering space. The flowing look captures the treasured style of a large modern fireplace with finely crafted design and elegance. It features a variety of options for a customized look to fit your style.

Gas Fireplaces

Large Traditional Gas Fireplace – G800-EC

Choose stunning flame picture, choose your accessories, and create a one-of-a-kind fireplace. The Regency Grandview G800EC is the first of our Grandview series of gas fireplaces that are designed to maximize choice and customization.

Traditional Flush Gas Fireplace – B36XTCE

The flush-fit design of the Regency Bellavista™ B36XTCE gas fireplace permits surround finish materials to be installed right to edges for a clean, unadorned appearance. A five-piece ceramic log set with glowing platinum and Embaglow™ fiber embers adds vibrancy and substance to the fireplace experience. A large viewing area keeps the focus on the flames, while ceramic safety glass helps deliver heat to the room.

Contemporary Fireplaces

A contemporary fireplace is a perfect complement to today’s decorating trends for clean and modern living spaces. Designers have maintained all of the values of a traditional gas fireplace including quality construction, reliable direct vent gas home heating and a lifetime warranty that is the best in the industry. Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces do not require a chimney and can be vented directly through a wall or roof.

Regency Ultimate® Contemporary Fireplaces 

The Regency Ultimate linear gas fireplace showcases the best in class flame and log package. Perfect for modern spaces and open concept living areas, clean-burning heat is distributed throughout the home. Colder climates will benefit from the combination of intense radiant heat and extensive convective heat delivered by the built-in blower. The black enamel reflective panels further accentuate the fire to create the perfect ambiance.

Regency Horizon® Contemporary Gas Fireplaces 

A dramatic contemporary fireplace that includes today’s sleek, wide contemporary fireplace styling.
The Regency Horizon™ offers a wide-angle view of a unique and dramatic flame. Inset reflective panels amplify the appearance of the stunning fire. The incredible styling is backed up by practical function; delivering consistent controllable high-efficiency heat… even during power outages.


  • FullView fire is placed on the hearth, with no telltale louvers or raised platform
  • Romantic fireplace is also a certified ANSI/AGA high efficiency wall furnace
  • FireLight accent lighting system adds extra drama and detail when the fire’s on, a gentle glow without heat when it’s off
  • Easily customized with a choice of fronts, doors, andirons and interior linings
  • Optional firescreen door kits available for Homestead and Willow doors
Today’s eye-catching elegance – ML47

Style that keeps your hearth up with the times. The Mendota Décor Series gives you the same uninterrupted view with a variety of contemporary fire base options. From sparkling glass and diamonds to smooth rocks and stones, the look is truly all yours.

Mendota Linear Fireplaces 

Enjoy spectacular panoramic views paired with a fresh take on the beautiful Mendota fire.
With an expansive view and legendary Mendota flames, this is a fireplace of epic proportions. The FullView Décor Linear fireplace strikes the perfect balance of high style and high performance. Long on style, with a spectacular panoramic view, you may never look at luxury the same way again.

Mendota Gas Fireplaces

Discover hand-molded logs, inviting interior linings, designer fronts and full, authentic flames. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that every Mendota gas fireplace is safety tested to rigorous ANSI/AGA standards and backed by a Lifetime Limited Warranty.


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