Chimney Linings

We offer two types of chimney linings; a masonry lining and a steel lining. Check out the difference in the two offers below!

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Chimney Lining Repair

Masonry Chimney Liners

A masonry chimney liner provides an insulated and durable interior lining that protects the inside of your chimney.  We use the Supaflu masonry chimney liner as it offers structural stability, ease of maintenance, and suitability to all fuel types. Supaflu has a liquid consistency when installed and fills all cracks and pores reducing the chance of toxic gases escaping through the chimney wall.

Supaflu is an excellent insulator and ensures that flue gases remain hotter and buoyant which improves overall venting efficiency and reduces buildup within the flue. The exterior surface temperature of your chimney is also lowered and that reduces the chance of materials surrounding your chimney igniting.  Find out more by giving us a call today. 

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Steel Chimney Liners

A steel chimney liner provides a durable interior lining that protects the inside of your chimney. We use Forever Flex liner which is a premium chimney lining system custom-made for the installer to match your exact needs. Here at Estates Chimney and Fireplace, we designed a quick and easy way to install this liner. Using a quick connect hose clamp system means no more screws, drilling or rivets in the liner.

The liner offers air and watertight seal from your fireplace to the top of the flue. Its a fast installation and provides the added benefit of being easy to clean. Our exclusive No Sag/No Leak Top Plate has a welded collar and sloped plate providing superior protection and a long durable life.

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2 Types Of Chimney Linings

Masonry Chimney Lining

A masonry chimney liner is a protective barrier made of clay tile, metal, or other materials that is installed inside a masonry chimney. It serves as a conduit for the byproducts of combustion, such as smoke and gases, while also providing insulation and preventing the chimney walls from being damaged by heat and corrosive substances.

Steel Chimney Lining

A steel chimney liner is a type of liner made from stainless steel that is used to provide a smooth and durable interior surface within a chimney. It helps improve the efficiency of the chimney by enhancing the draft, while also providing protection against the corrosive effects of combustion byproducts and reducing the risk of chimney fires.

The Installation Process

Prior to installation, the chimney is inspected, cleaned and prepared using chimney maintenance procedures and equipment recognized by our industry. Should the flue already be lined, the existing liner is removed.

All openings in the chimney structure such as clean-outs, thimbles, and fireplace openings are sealed and weak areas in the chimney are braced.

The proper size Flu-former is calculated for the particular heating application. The Flu-former, an inflatable rubber former, is then lowered and guided into the chimney flue. The Flu-former is then inflated and centered within the flue.

The Supaflu mix is prepared (adding water). The material is then pumped into the chimney from the top and fills the space between the flu-Former and the inside of the chimney casing.

After the new supaflu liner has fully cured, the Flu-former is deflated and removed from the flue, leaving a smooth, round, one-piece liner.

Supaflu is designed to insulate your chimney while providing an effective barrier between the flue gases and your living quarters. Because of its’ liquid consistency, Supaflu fills all cracks and pores, greatly reducing the chance of your exposure to toxic gases.

Lifetime Warranty

Your new chimney liner is backed by our Lifetime Warranty. Supaflu is the first cast-in-place chimney lining system to back it’s products within your home. Even if you sell your home, Supaflu will honor the warranty for a period of ten (10) years from the date of installation, so that even the buyer of your home will benefit from any years remaining on the warranty at the time you sell your home.

Quality is Forever

We pride ourselves in offering you the very best! Our liner is made with 316Ti and AL29-4C first run alloys. This is the highest quality metal available today for liner manufacturing and we use it! Our components match the alloy of their corresponding liner, and our exclusive No Sag No Leak Top Plate means a much drier chimney for the homeowner. Simply put…it’s the best liner made today!